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Monday, 3 October 2016

So Many Women Now Tape Their Middle Toes Together, And You’ll Want To See The Reason Why

So Many Women Now Tape Their Middle Toes Together, And You’ll Want To See The Reason Why

Buying a new pair of shoes can be very exciting. But, breaking them in can be a real pain. Plus, they soon become stinky and covered in scratches so they are no longer fit to be seen in public.

Our poor feet are encased in shoes for terribly long stretches of time, they often become strained, blistered, and pained.

For those who are looking for easy ways to relieve foot pain and to make sure their shoes also remain in tip-top shape, we’ve got just the solutions for you.

In an exclusive guide below, we’ll take a look at several ingenious methods for cleaning your shoes with ordinary household products, and for preventing foot pain while wearing shoes.

From waterproofing your cloth shoes with beeswax to applying deodorant gel around the inner walls of your heels, these tips are absolutely crucial for those who want to walk on comfy feet all day.

1. Restore whiteness by rubbing toothpaste on your old shoes.

It doesn’t just whiten your teeth.

2. Clean leather with rubbing alcohol.

You won’t believe how dirty they were.

3. Freshen up your sneakers with baking soda. 

It will give them that “brand new” smell once more.

4. Use a nail file to banish scratches.

They buff right out in no time.

5. Soak in a vinegar solution to get rid of bad smells.

A long soak in a solution of water and vinegar refreshes even the stinkiest kicks.

6. Shine patent leather with petroleum jelly.

They’ll gleam like diamonds.

7. Use cornmeal to absorb suede stains.

Water stain? What water stain?

8. Use a hair dryer to stretch out new shoes.

Don some woolly socks and “dry” your shoes to help form the leather to your feet.

9. Loosen too-tight shoes in the freezer.

Fill plastic bags with water and place them in your shoes. They will expand in the freezer, stretching your shoes to the ideal size.

10. Rub sandpaper on soles

You’ll never slip and fall again!

11. Gel deodorant helps prevent blisters. 

It prevents the rubbing and chafing that can cause blisters. Plus it smells nice!

12. Wearing heels? Tape your toes together.

It’s a nice trick to prevent foot pain.

13. Waterproof canvas shoes with beeswax. 

Even the flimsiest shoes become leak proof.

14. Soak feet in tea to soothe blisters. 

The anti-inflammatory properties in tea work magic on your footsies too.

If you struggle with wearing high heels tips like #12 are definitely worth checking out. I know I’m definitely going to give it a shot!

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  1. Your share is really helpful to me. I am also having difficulty scrubbing men's nursing shoes .I wear shoes all day and have a lot of activity so I apply your ways to clean it effectively.


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