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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Use Guava Leaves To Beat Wrinkles, Skin Allergies,Dark Spots And Acne (How To Use)

Use Guava Leaves To Beat Wrinkles, Skin Allergies,Dark Spots And Acne (How To Use)

We all want to look our best. It is the way we live, everything around us is beautiful. We go through magazines where the models are perfect and we see Hollywood actresses with their flawless skin. The truth is we all want to get rid of our skin imperfections, and there are ways that are natural, inexpensive and successful.


All you need is a guava. Guavas have qualities that can remove age spots, cure acne and pimples and even fill your wrinkles. Make a guava paste at home and then watch what happens.


Guava leaves have microscopic organisms that actually contact acne, meaning they have powerful antibacterial properties. Rubbing the guava leaf paste against your acne can heal. It will also soothe your skin and your pimples will decrease in size. It helps with scarring too.


The leaves of the guava are the part of the fruit that are most important. They contain ante-ageing properties as well as anti-bacterial properties. If you rub the paste into the affected areas, perhaps your foreheads, you will notice the same effect as using an expensive cosmetic.  Your wrinkles will get ‘filled’ and will slowly disappear.

Lighten your age spots

The guava leaves also act as toning agent, reduce redness and work as a natural bleach. By rubbing your spots, twice a day for a number of weeks, your age spots will lighten in color before disappearing completely.

Skin conditions

You can cure any skin condition using the guava leaf paste. Insect bites can be soothed and pimples and acne will disappear. Again, it is the leaf you want to use. By rubbing the leaf on your skin you can also prevent allergies.

How to make a guava leaf mixture :

  • Take some guava leaves and dry them out
  • Crush them and add into some warm water
  • Mix well, into a paste. If you add too much water, drain it off
You can also boil water with the guava leaves in them until it turns into a concentrated mixture.  Cool it down and bottle. This becomes a good and effective face wash.

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