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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Eyebrows Personality Test : What your Eyebrows tell about you?

Eyebrows Personality Test : What your Eyebrows tell about you?


Your eyebrows are a pretty big deal.Reading faces has been around for thousands of years – the first written account of the practice was found in China, and dated to approximately 2600 BCE.

And did you know that even the eyebrows i.e its shape could tell you more about your personality. So many experts in this niche believes that you can learn everything you need to know about a person just by looking at them.

Jean Haner, a facial reading expert who helps directors cast celebs who have faces that match their movie character’s personality, says both Chinese facial reading, which stems from Chinese medicine, and western science have found that we react to people’s faces without realizing that we’re doing it. “It’s an unconscious thing, so we can’t help it. And according to Chinese face reading, you’re born with your eyebrows for a reason. We all come with a [facial] blue print—it’s a map of who you are—so any changes you make to your face, including your eyebrows, can shake things up. It creates an internal change that can be a positive thing that breaks you out of old patterns and gets you going again, or hurts you if you’re not aware of the effects a certain change could have.”

So check out what Haner says your current eyebrow look is communicating to other people

Curved eyebrows
Curved eyebrows show a perfectionist, a person with strong visual perception due to his strong eye for details.

Angled eyebrows
You are creative, crafty and very talented, and you can make something out of nothing.

Straight eyebrows
People with straight eyebrows are very calm and collected and will always be there for you in times of need. These people are great multitaskers as well.

Eyebrows with an upward curve
Upward eyebrows indicate a person prone to rivalries. These are ambitious people who do well at supervisory positions. They work hard to reach their goals, but their commitment to work can sometimes affect their relationships.

Eyebrows that curve
People with these type of eyebrows are reasonable, but sometimes let their feeling take over reason. These eyebrows indicate balance as well.

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