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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Awesome Hairstyling Hacks for Those Lazy Days

Awesome Hairstyling Hacks for Those Lazy Days


There are many days in which you do not feel like spending an extensive amount of time on your hair. On those particular days, a quick and easy hairstyle is the perfect solution when you’re feeling lazy. There are plenty of hairstyle choices available and on this list are a few of our favorites. Here are some easy hairstyling hacks for lazy days:

Headband Tuck

This hairstyle is perfect when you’re having a bad hair day. To do a headband tuck, place a headband over your head and tuck the rest of your hair over the lower part of the headband. The messier your hair is, the better this style looks. Don’t forget to secure your hair with bobby pins!

Hair Donut with a Twist

To create a donut bun, all you need is a sock. Grab a sock and a pair of scissors. Cut the toes of the sock then roll it down from the top to form a circular, donut-like shape. Put your hair into a ponytail and pull it through the donut. Next, spread your hair evenly around the sock. Use an elastic band to keep your bun in place.

Fishtail Braid

First, part your hair and backcomb your hair to give it that needed “fluff.” Next, toss your hair over your left shoulder and split it into two sections. Start braiding small sections and bring the outside of each section inward and then crossing over to the other side. Continue this process until you’ve almost reached the ends.

Quick and Easy Updo

Updo is the solution if you are in a rush. First, grab a section of hair around the front of your head. Spray it with a generous amount of hairspray and pull it into a high ponytail. Don’t make the ponytail close to your scalp. Instead, make it a few inches away. Make a small hole underneath the ponytail and then pull the end of your ponytail through that hole.

Low Bun

To make a low bun, separate a few strands from the top of your head. Next, brush them up towards your head while pulling your hair down into a pony tail. Use a hair tie to keep your ponytail in place, and separate it halves. Use the lower half (the unteased hair) and flip it over the other half. Finally, wrap your hair around the base of the bun and pin it into place.

Half up Half Down

First, backcomb the hair at the top of your head while smoothing out the top layer. Twist one side of your hair and pin it approximately two-thirds of the way across, and then twist the other side and slide it under the first part. Finally, pin that piece two-thirds of the way across as well and you are finished.

Easy Twist Ponytail

This super cute and easy ponytail looks great and only takes a few seconds.Split your hair into two sections just like you would if you were doing pig tails. Tie your hair into a knot, pull, and then use a bobby pin to attach the knot to your head. That’s all it takes to create this amazingly cute hairstyle.

Easy Twist Ponytail

Low Ponytail

Section the front half or your hair right behind your ears. Backcomb the crown and then smooth lightly. Next, create a ponytail from the back section and then pull the left area back and wrap over the pony. Fasten it underneath with the help of a few bobby pins and repeat these steps for the right side.

Low Ponytail

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