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Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Reason Why You Should Put Vicks On A Garlic Clove! Amazing!

The Reason Why You Should Put Vicks On A Garlic Clove! Amazing!

put Vicks On A Garlic Clove Amazing

A product called Vicks VapoRub is used for treating chest, throat, stuffy nose, cold, cough and headache. It is used all around the world for hundreds of years as it is one of the most effective decongestant. But it has more uses, such as:

*Sinus headaches*

You should apply a little bit of the lotion under the nose and breathe in deeply. The Vicks is high in menthol and it can relieve headache.

*Mosquito repellent*

Use this ointment by applying it on your clothes and skin and the mosquitoes will be away from you.

*Treat acne*

It also soothes inflammation and cleans the skin. Apply it on your affected area few times in a day until the acne disappears.

*Repel insects*

You should rub Vicks on the inner knees, elbows, behind the ears and on the neck. Just by opening a bottle of Vicks keeps the flies away.

*Heal bruises*

Make a mixture of a pinch of salt and some Vicks and rub it on a fresh bruise as it prevents color changing and swelling.

*Soothe sore muscles*

Use Vicks to massage your sore muscles. You will have to wrap your muscles with dry and warm towel and lift the limb until the pain is eliminated. You should repeat this procedure for three times in a day.

*Hydrate the skin*

Hydrate your skin by rubbing some Vicks on your dry skin areas.

*Tennis elbows*

The pain in the tennis elbow can be eliminated with Vicks as the camphor and menthol it contains are very beneficial for treating pain. You have to rub it gently until the pain is gone.

*Cracked heels*

Rub some Vicks before you go to bed on your feet and put some socks. In the morning just wash it off with warm water. After that, you should exfoliate your hard skin by using pumice stone. Repeat this method each night until your feet are smooth and soft.

*Nail fungus*

This ointment is beneficial for treating toenails and fingernails fungus. Apply 2 times a day on the affected area and put some socks. You should trim the nail very carefully until the infected part is removed.

*Relieve cough and congestion*

Use Vicks to massage gently your throat and chest.

*It keeps the kitty’s nails under control*

Rub this ointment to your furniture, walls and windows in order to prevent the cats from scratching it.

*Heal splinters and cuts*

This ointment speeds up the healing process and protects from infections.

*Reek free racehorses*

This ointment can be used by the professional racers by putting some of it under the nostril of the racehorse on the race-day in order to focus on the race and prevent them from being attracted female ponies.

*Stretch marks*

The regular use of this ointment in the period of two weeks can reduce the stretch marks.

*It can control the pet’s peeing*

Place an opened bottle of Vicks where the pet is peeing usually and you won’t see it peeing on your rug again.

*It treats eczema*

Vicks can effectively treat inflammation, itching and eczema.

*Relieve earache*

Treat your earache by soaking a cotton ball in this ointment and the pain will be relieved soon.
You can also heat a garlic clove in a microwave for ten seconds and place some of the ointment on the garlic’s ends and put the clove carefully in the aching ear.

*Athlete’s foot*

Apply twice a day of this ointment in order to treat athlete’s foot.

*Eliminates warts*

Put some of the ointment on the wart and cover the area with clean cloth. Depending on the affected area you can use a sock or gauze and the wart will be eliminated in two weeks.

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