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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Before and After Photos Of Couples Losing Weight Together

Before and After Photos Of Couples Losing Weight Together

Before and After Photos Of Couples Losing Weight Together

Millions of people around the world struggle with their weight because transforming your body and living a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of hard work and dedication. A lot of research have been conducted on the best weight loss programs, the food to eat and what to avoid etc, but there still isn’t what can be called a magic formula. However, shedding pounds can be made a bit easier if your partner is also looking to shed too. That way, you are motivating each other.

These couples lost weight by:

  • Exercising frequently
  • Changing their diet

These couples all wanted to get in shape, and decided to embark on a fitness journey together. Some of these couples made a plan to lose weight before their wedding.

This before and after photos are truly inspiring. It just shows you that with dedication and a positive attitude, anyone can transform their body

1. This young couple wanted to lose weight for their wedding. With hard work and dedication they lost a combined weight of 133 pounds. The bride changed her hair color, and you can see how great they looked on their big day.

2. Mark and Louise Hannigan lost 210 pounds between them, and 3 feet from their waistlines. The couple no longer eat junk food, and instead eat healthier meals. The couple are celebrating their second wedding anniversary, and are being crowned the Cambridge Weight Plan slimming couple of the year.

3. This couple were on the show ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ and you can see just how far they have come from their before photo. It’s great to see that they were smiling and had positive attitudes no matter their size.

4, Danny and Kalean decided to change their lifestyle in 2013, and together have lost 325 pounds. They joined weight watchers, hit the gym and slowly transitioned their diet into eating as clean and organic as possible. Kalean has lost 107 pounds, and Danny has lost 206 pounds. They have been documenting and sharing their story on their Facebook page ‘Danny & Kalean- From fat to fit.’

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