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Friday, 26 August 2016

Wrap your feet in a few layers of aluminum foil. 1 hour later? Incredible

Wrap your feet in a few layers of aluminum foil. 1 hour later? Incredible


You are probably wondering how aluminium foil can be of great benefit to your health.We all have a roll of aluminum foil somewhere in our kitchen drawers or cabinets, but we never think to use it on our body! Did you know that aluminum foil can cure diseases besides being used for cooking and wrapping leftovers? According to alternative doctors, the foil can be used to treat pain in the neck, back, joints, knees and spine as well as burns, muscular pains, postoperative scars and inflammatory processes.

Soothes painful joints

Did you know that aluminum foil can help you relieve the pain caused by sciatica, arthritis and gout? Wrap some of the foil on the affected areas and secure them with a bandage, then leave it to work overnight. Repeat the process for 10-12 days, then take a two-week break – you should be able to get rid of the pain by then.

Blast Fatigue Right Now

Have you ever thought about using aluminum foil to battle fatigue and insomnia? Consumer Health Digest recommends this neat trick and guarantees excellent results. Cut out a few aluminum foil strips and put them in the freezer for 2-4 hours. Apply them on your face, the cheeks and eyelids are the most vulnerable areas, and leave them on until you feel your muscles relaxing. Take the aluminum foil off and watch your face becoming refreshed. Who knew your face can look so good after a night of no sleep?

Phantom Pains, Be Gone

If you’ve recently undergone an amputation surgery or are experience phantom pains that you just can’t explain, aluminum foil may be the answer to your prayers! You can help banish these painful bouts by wrapping some aluminum foil around the affected limb. Keep it in place with a medical bandage and as soon as you notice the pain is gone, you can remove the foil!

Alleviate Fresh Burns

It’s a little-known fact that elements in aluminum foil can help soothe burns better than many other methods. The University of Wisconsin even advises their trauma doctors to dress fresh burns with aluminum foil! To heal your burn wounds start by washing it with cold water and drying it with a soft cloth. Then apply a thin layer of burn ointment, followed by sterile gauze. After that, wrap the gauze with aluminum foil and secure it with medical bandage. Keep the wrap in place until you notice the pain leaving the area!

Get rid of an annoying cold

It’s important to know to reduce the symptoms of colds and the flu without taking antibiotics, and you can do it with a piece of aluminum foil. When feeling under the weather, wrap your feet in 5-7 layers of foil, then leave it to work for an hour. Afterwards, let your feet breathe for a couple of hours and repeat the twice more. Do this until you are relieved.

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