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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

DIY Concrete Garden Hands

DIY Concrete Garden Hands

DIY Concrete Garden Hands

If you are thinking to add some cuteness to your garden, this project is what to consider.The Concrete Garden Hands are used to both improve the design of your garden and fulfill a useful mission as a planter.

Here is the list of necessary materials:

• a pair of rubber or latex gloves;
• concrete;
• concrete acrylic sealer;
• surgery utensils (tweezers, scissors);
• safety glasses;
• a brush;
• (optional) coloring;
• old cloths and rags (optional)


If you want a smooth piece of decoration, you will want the concrete to be a bit on the dryer side when you mix it up. Mix the concrete and add any coloring if you want. Put on some goves and slowly pour the concrete into the cast and leave it to cure for a couple of days. Remove the rubber with the tweezers and scissors. When you’re done ,apply a coat of the sealer with a brush.

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