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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Top 5 Phones With The Highest Radiation

Top 5 Phones With The Highest Radiation

Most of us ignore our phone’s instruction manual which is usually buried in a miscellaneous drawer. The irony is that if we took the time to read what the manual says, we wouldn’t use our phone the same way.  For instance, the safety and regulatory guide that came with my phone states (in fine print):

“To comply with RF exposure requirements [Radiofrequency Radiation], a minimum separation distance of 1.5 cm must be maintained between the user’s body and the the handset, including antenna.”

phones with highest radiations

Epidemiologist Devra Davis of the University of Pittsburgh told the NY Times that she recommends keeping a phone out of close proximity to the head or body, by using wired headsets or the phone’s speaker. Children should text rather than call, she said, and pregnant women should keep phones away from the abdomen.

Watch the video below about the top 5 phones that produce the highest amount of radiation:

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