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Saturday, 18 April 2015

10 Things That’ll Soon Be So Costly That You’ll Think Twice Before Buying!

10 Things That’ll Soon Be So Costly That You’ll Think Twice Before Buying!

If you think your life is going in the right direction and your speed of minting money is pretty steady, think again. This article might already make you feel broke for the future. Don’t mean to scare you, but it’s good if you’re scared. Or worried. Here is a list of things that are soon going to be unaffordable. If you may ask why? It is because the population of idiots is growing who don’t value things in time and demand like a greedy buffalo.

Take a look at the things that are difficult to prevent and may cost a bomb in the future.

1. Sweet light crude. The lazy and greedy qualities of humans will leave them with sour heavy crude full of impurities

Sweet light crude

Sweet light crude is used to process high-quality petroleum and energy products. It is easy to access and inexpensive to develop. However, all the easy oil is gone and energy companies no longer have the luxury to acquire the sweet light crude easily. Prices of sweet light crude will surely go up in the near future.

2. Growing food will burn a hole in your wallet because next up on the list is Phosphorous


Phosphorous is one of the important elements of fertilizers and it is difficult to grow food without proper fertilizers. A steady decline in the discovery of phosphate rock has been observed over the years. The price of phosphorous has already jumped 700% in one year during the late 2000s. The next options to attain availability of phosphorous is through the expensive seabeds or human urine. Decide wisely on how you want things to be like?

3. This might make you laugh at first, but wait a moment and think about it – Helium


4. If you were ever scanned skin deep by a medical equipment, then you have consumed – Technetium 99

Technetium 99

Are you wondering what’s that? It is an isotope that is required for non-invasive medical procedures that require scanning that is skin deep. The life of this isotope is less than half a day. The demand for this vital substance is more while it’s supply is less, because the company isn’t producing in its full capacity. This results in bad quality expensive medical procedure. Don’t fall sick, stay healthy.

Let’s talk about food that will soon leave you hungry and make you feel poor and horrible.

5. If your favorite seafood is sardines, you are in deep shit!


The population of this fish heavily depends on the temperature around the pacific ocean. Fluctuation in temperature made this fish dive in 1990s. Fishermen took this as a challenge and instead protecting the species, they increased their production goals. As a result many Sardines ships returned empty and made this commonly consumed commodity a luxury.

6. Honey. Yeah, sounds like no big deal? Think again


This is because a rapid decline of adult bees in the colony is observed. Beekeepers have reported 90% reduction in their colonies. This is affecting the crops that require pollination through industrial bees. So, basically it is not just honey that will grow expensive, but the livelihood of beekeepers will also be affected.

7. Next on the list might pinch you more. Tequila. Yes, the prices of tequila shots will get you high in the future

the prices of tequila shots will get you high in the future

Tequila is made from agave plant and this plant is notoriously difficult to plant and grow. In recent years a variety of crop failures has reduced the availability of this plant. Agave can only be turned into alcohol when it reaches in its twelfth year. Save tequila, replace it with old monk shots maybe?

8. All the chocolate lovers, here is a bad news. In a few years, the prices of the original chocolate made of cocoa butter will shoot up like a rocket in the October sky

costly cocoa butter

Cocoa beans require extremely hot climate and generally grow near the equator. This crop is difficult to grow and takes about 5 years to complete a crop and incredibly hot climate, that can’t be outsourced to machines. Yes, chocolates will be as good as buying gold. Chocolate jewelry sounds yum though.

9. Wine. Imagine wine and chocolates become a luxury in the future

costly wine

The demand of wine is more than the supply. The supply of wine dipped down by 5% in the year 2012. Infact the world is short by 300 million cases of wine per year. Much of this is blamed on bad weather in France and Argentina.

What? Expensive wine and chocolates? The upside of this is, you will think 100 times before taking someone out on a date.

10. This one’s a shocker. Freshwater

rare fresh water

It’s time you stop taking this “Blue gold” for granted. Many parts of the world like The US, India, Israel, middle east etc., are facing water shortage because of prolonged droughts. Ready to help clean all the rivers?

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