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Thursday, 26 March 2015

5 Things Men Do That Makes A Lady Lust!

5 Things Men Do That Makes A Lady Lust!

5 Things Men Do That Makes A Lady Lust

A lady ,basically, wants something from you that no one has been able to give her, show her, make her realize or feel. It could be anything about you that will hook her thoughts on you. I am not guaranteeing love. But, lust in a woman can be fired if you play in the moment well. And, it’s a very very rare and very very hot seeing a woman lust.

1. One thing that really turns on a woman is the passion in your eyes. Yes! That raw passion in your eyes amplifies your thoughts The way you look deeply and passionately in her eyes as if nothing exists in the entire cosmos, just you and her, really pulls some strings in the back of her mind and down(which gets really difficult for her to ignore).

2.Your each and every word that comes out of your mouth reveals a plethora of what’s going in your mind.Unlike girls, a lady can know your intentions and desires with just one conversation. She desires someone who could take her to the realms she has never imagined, with just words. If you could seduce her mind with your words then she will make sure you are all hers.

3.Your smell …..your smell could drastically affect her mood, her desires and even her need of the moment ,in which she wants to grab you and have her way with you (which you usually don’t happen). A man’s smell has the same effect on women that a women with good perfume have on men .I know that the word perfume has feminine overtones and you want to be manly with deodorants .But ,the impact of your perfumes or your manly aftershave could literally make a lady fantasize lust that she never knew she was capable of.This is something you can’t achieve with deodorants.Make your signature perfume do the talking with her senses.

4.Your appearance has a generous amount of share in her act of making an impression of you. It depends on your appearance whether to make that impression in her mind or in her not-worth-my-time list. I am talking about your appearance and not your looks. There’s nothing more repulsive than a self-obsessed man. Your attire reflects you , your thoughts, your personality and makes your persona. Your attire will not make you the man but it’s a sure a way of making your her man.

5.The most attractive thing for a lady is how you treat her. The way you see her with respect ,the way you talk about her dreams her needs with awe ,the way you touch her as if she is an elixir to you could turn her from a sensible and calm woman into a roaring lustful Aphrodite.

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