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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Shocking Award Winning Short Film…Must See! So True!

Shocking Award Winning Short Film…Must See! So True!

Argentina-based illustrator and animator, Santiago Grasso, created the gloomy award-winning animated short El Empleo (The Employment) which gives a whole new meaning to “working for the man”. In a world where humans are merely objects, Grasso carefully starkly illustrates this working man's world.

It tells the story of a nameless working man performing his usual journey to work set in a bizarre world where human beings are used as inanimate objects. This simple yet strong representation convey the tedious nature of each job and how we utilize man power in the modern era.

The Employment is indeed a distinctive fresh addition to the genre, proving that it only takes a clever mind to convey a complex message. So sit back, press play and indulge in this highly-recommended animation.

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The short film is a refreshing take on animation compared to its main-stream counterparts. It’s simple, tight and profound. It clearly showed the involvement of a bigger workforce behind the machines that makes our life easier.

Now get back to work. Those coats aren't going to hang themselves.

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Credit - opusBou

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