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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

14 Things Every Indian Student Hates!

14 Things Every Indian Student Hates!

Everyone had to go through these oh-no moments in their academic life – and we bet you did too. So check out this list of oh-no memories.

1) Gazetted Holidays Clashing With Sundays

2) Compulsory attendance

3) Discussing the question paper after an exam.

4) Science and Math teachers taking classes during PT periods

5) "You will learn this in higher classes." & "You must have learned this in your high school."

6) Assignments

7) Result

8) Celebrating Rakshabandhan in school


10) Relatives asking about academics

11) Pathetic Communication Skills of the Faculty

12) Reservation

13) Of course, we all dreaded Mondays.

15) Extra classes

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