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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

World’s most powerful pictures telling even more powerful stories!

World’s most powerful pictures telling even more powerful stories!

Surfing legend Garrett McNamara, breaking his own record of surfing through the highest wave of about 78-feet in Portugal in 2011.

‘The Falling Man’ – a man falling from the World Trade Center, 9/11.

An unborn baby reaches out of the incision and takes hold of the surgeon’s hand.

Gujarat Riots, 2002 – Ansari asking the Hindu rioters for mercy. This became one of the symbolic pictures depicting the riots.

Apartheid in South Africa, the racial discrimination was appalling to the point that the wash basins were separated for the races.

Man holds a woman amidst the debris of Rana Plaza – an 8-storied building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which collapsed and claimed thousands of lives.

A man walks through a street full of bullet casings during the Civil War in Liberia.

Omayra Sanchez – the Colombian girl who got killed after an excruciating 55-hour struggle of being trapped in the debris of her house after it was destroyed because of a volcanic eruption.

Inside a gas chamber in Auschwitz. The desperate scratches on the wall are a reminder of the gruesome crime that took place in those concentration camps.

Taken by Raghu Rai, this is a picture after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

Approaching clouds in Kansas, forming a super-cell.

Marine Sergeant Frank Paytor feeds a two-week old kitten.

The horrific treatment doled out on the ‘terror suspects’ at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

This was taken during the South Vietnamese attack, the girl running towards the camera was safe and survived the war.

‘Child Crawling’ by Kevin Carter. The photographer committed suicide a few months after this picture won him a Pulitzer.

After 3 years of war in Biafra, the photographer was shocked to find almost 900 children, close to the point of death.

A survivor finds an intact album of his family after an earthquake hit Sichuan, China.

The corpse of the socialist revolutionary – Che Guevara.

Thailand massacre in 1976, where the University students protesting the return of former military dictator Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn. The protesters were beaten, mutilated and burned.

A man looking back in time when he used to share the bench with his wife.

Dr Fritz Klein standing in the middle of a mass grave, in a concentration camp in Germany.

A woman cries in despair after Tsunami hit the Sri-Lankan and Indian coasts.

A survivor from the Rwanda genocide. This man shows his wounds as a result of the brutal torture he underwent at the concentration camp.

During 2011’s massive floods in Cuttack, we see a man carrying stray kittens in a basket in his head. Faith in humanity restored.

Meghan Vogel carrying Arden McMath across the finish line, after she collapsed during the race.

The atrocity of war in Vietnam and the brutal behaviour that followed.

A heart-surgeon, after a 23-hour long successful heart-transplant. That’s his assistant sleeping in the corner.

Zanjeer saved thousands of lives during the serial blasts in 1993 in Mumbai by detecting more than 3,329 kgs of the explosive RDX, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades and 6406 rounds of live ammunition. He was buried with full honors in 2000.

Taken in a famine camp in Uganda, this picture clearly shows the economic disparity in the world.

Helen Fisher kisses the hearse, which carries the body of her 20-year old cousin.

The Monk who set himself on fire due to the rising tensions between the Catholics and Buddhist Monks. The Monk remained absolutely still, while burning himself down.

Pulitzer winning – ‘Migrant Mother’ by Dorothea Lange.

A Russian soldier playing the piano among the ruins of Chechnya.

A couple gets their wedding photograph after 88 years of being married.

A US Marine meeting his baby girl for the very first time.

A boy pushes a pram through the debris of what remains in Haiti, after the earthquake in 2010

‘Afghan Girl’ by Steve McCurry is widely regarded as the third world’s Mona Lisa.

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