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Sunday, 22 March 2015

7 Cool VLC media player features you must know!

7 Cool VLC media player features you must know!

VLC is the most used and versatile media player as it can almost play any codec thrown at it. It is simple to use but it also got some amazing applications which can benefit you in many ways. Here are some cool VLC media player tricks you must know and start using right away ;

1) You can covert Media file in VLC Media Player -

To do that go to Media > Convert/Save (or use keyboard command CTRL+R) . Select file and click on Convert/Save. From here you can select any codec you want and just Save. Have fun. Now you don't need to download any Mp3 or video converter. Your VLC Media player can do the job for you. 

Reference snapshot below -

2 ) Download Youtube/any online video using VLC Media Player -

Yes. You can download Youtube videos using your VLC Media Player.
To do that go to Media > Open Network Stream.(or use keyboard command press CTRL+N) Press the Network tab, enter the URL of the video. Click on Play if you want to watch or Save if you want to save video to computer.

Reference snapshot as follows -

3) Record  Currently Playing Video/Audio in VLC Media player -

You can record anything you play in VLC Media player just by using Advance controls of VLC Media player. To record video in VLC just click on View > Advanced Controls. You can see there RECORD button. Just click when you want to get started and again click that at the time you want to stop. It will automatically save your video/audio in respective Video and audio folder in my document.

Reference snapshot as follows -

4 ) Capture Desktop/Webcam or TV tuner using VLC media player -

Yes you heard it right. You can capture webcam and even tv tuner. All these three options are available under Media > Conver/save (CTRL+R) then select the tab Capture device. As you can see there are 3 modes under capture mode. 1) Direct (to capture webcam) 2) Desktop (to capture whatever on desktop act as print screen option) 3) TV-digital (for tv tuner recording. 

Reference snapshot as follows -

5 ) Rip DVD in VLC media player -

You can rip DVD in Vlc media player and keep as backup or watch them when physical disc is not present.
To do so go to  Media > Convert / Save and click on the Disc tab. Under Disc Selection, click on the radio button of the media disc you are using and check No disc menu. Make sure the selected Disc device is correct and click Convert / Save. Choose the codec you wish to save in and save it with the extension that is compatible with your codec.

Reference snapshot as follows -

6) Change Video/Audio Effect in VLC media player -

Yes you can manipulate audio and  video effects in VLC itself. To do so go to Tools > Adjustments and Effects. You will see tabs Audio/Video manipulation tools. On the video side, you can adjust colors, crop, rotate video, add filters, etc. And audio, you get the usual equalizers to tune your music.

Reference snapshot as follows -

7) Add watermark on Video using VLC Media player -

You can add Logo/text in Video using VLC media player. It is useful when you are uploading your creations on Youtube. You don't need any extra Video editor to do so. Just go to  Tools > Effects and Filters. Click on the Video Effects tab and under the Overlay tab, you will get options to either add in your logo or a simple text to the video.

Reference snapshot as follows -

This tutorial is written by Bikram Biswal , Founder of Fun Inventors.
Thanks for reading. Please Forward this article to your friends if you liked it.

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