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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Top 10 Android Apps For January 2015

Top 10 Android Apps For January 2015

2015 is here and so are a dozen new Android apps. While you riffle through the app store to find your best fit, here are the top 10 new Android apps you should totally check out.

1. Hotel My Phone 

No it's not a hotel room app! Hotel My Phone duplicates your phone number onto another phone if your phone runs out of battery. Just borrow a friends phone, sign in, and send and receive texts and phone calls with your phone number on your friend's phone.

2. FlashChat

Flashchat lets you start a collective chat with people using the same Wi-Fi connection. It becomes pretty handy when your group of friends share the same Wi-Fi on campus. It's also anonymous and as soon as you leave the wi-fi range, you're immediately signed out and your conversation is scrubbed.

3. Shou.TV

Just like Twitch is for mobile gamers, Shou.TV also lets you live-broadcast your screen or simply record your screen as separate files you can use later. Its discovery function helps watching popular mobile games like Clash of Clans or Minecraft. The app works wonders with Android Lollipop.

4. SnoopSnitch

SnoopSnitch is the best thing to come in 2015. The app prevents stalkers and hackers to access your stuff on Android devices. It uses radio signals to sniff out any devices that might be snooping-main targets being stingrays. Stingrays are gadgets that fool phones into connecting with them. It warns you if your data is at risk and kills stingrays upon detection. It needs a Qualcomm chipset, root access, and Android 4.1 or higher to function.

5. Clean Master

The new revised version of Clean Master speeds up your phone along with continuously freeing the memory space. The app detects and deletes cookies, malware and various other threats and speeds up the gadget.

6. ES File Explorer File Manager

Lost track of where you saved a specific file on your phone? Don't worry as ES File Explorer will do the job for you.

7. Appy Geek

Addicted to tech news? Well, then Appy Geek app is for you. The app collates the best of tech news from all over the internet and puts it in one place for you.

8. News360

Not just another news aggregator, News360 stands out as one of the best on the PlayStore. The app filters down the news according to your interests and logs them in a stunning magazine like interface. Blogs, viral videos, and everything in between, News360 keeps a track of everything on the net.

9. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery app is one battery saving app that puts out all its competitors. With features like smart pre-set battery power management, healthy charging and power boost DU battery saver is a must have.

10. MS Office Mobile

MS office is one thing we all can't do without. Now, carry the forever useful MS office on your Android phone with a dedicated app. The app has MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint and many other office utilities.

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