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Monday, 12 January 2015

Gadgets and accessories that will make you say WOW!

Gadgets and accessories that will make you say WOW!

Simple looks boring. Can’t agree more! If you like a little creativity in design and features of things you use, you would also appreciate some interestingly or even quirkily designed Gadgets. Gadgets do not necessarily have to be boring, as they can be much more interesting with a little dose of offbeat. At least this is what we gather after checking these 7 quirky gadgets and accessories that would surely impress you with their design language, functionality or a unique out-of-the-box feature. Take a look:

1. Mini power capsule:

Battery drainage issue is a problem faced by a majority of the Smartphone users today. In that case, you have to struggle with portable chargers or battery packs or power pack however most of them are bulky to carry around, especially when you compare it with this new kind of charger. The Mini Power is a tiny portable charger that is designed like a capsule that will give your Smartphone small doses of power anytime anywhere. It is based on the paper battery technology that can not only be recharged but is also environment friendly as it can also be recycled.

 2. 3D doodling pen:

If you are a geek and love to doodle, you will love this gadget. The 3Doodler is one of its kind 3D printing pen that can be used to draw things in 3D. You can simply doodle with the pen that will release flexible plastic ink, which will take a sturdy shape when it cools and forms drawings in 3D. There also are some special Opt for special filaments with shimmer, and neon drawings. Sounds cool! It indeed is.

3. Wireless Flash for Smartphone camera:

For those who love Smartphone-photography, Bluetooth-flash is an interesting accessory that comes pretty handy. This wireless device provides that better flash light which you might miss while using your smartphone’s camera. Now you know what to use to have good photos even in low-light conditions!

 4. Smart rings:

Why care about wearing a smart wristband when a finger ring can do similar kind of notification alerting! While smartwatches and smartbands are yet to get hold of the market shares, there are smaller Gadgets that simply fit on your finger and allow you to check notifications for texts, calls and more right from their finger. In fact, these smart rings can even be used as a watch or timer and help in locating phone in case it is stolen or lost. A few of these smart rings include NFC ring, Mota ring and Smarty Ring.

5. Smartcards to transfer data wirelessly

There are now smart SD cards for cameras like Eye-Fi Mobi SD card that allow users to wirelessly transfer pics to Windows computers, iOS and Android devices. All a user has to do is to download the related application on their respective devices and simply relay their photos on the card to their device without even needing a Wi-Fi network.

6. Google Smart lens

Google has something beyond the common smartwearbles as the company has announced its smart lens technology in the form of hair-thin chips and sensors embedded into contact lenses. These smart lenses look like any regular contact lens but have much more to offer. These can monitor body glucose levels in tears using these tiny chips and sensors. The Google lens are mainly meant to cater to the diabetics, however we expect that there will be much more being done with the future smart lenses.

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