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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Best SMS for New Year 2015

Best SMS for New Year 2015

May 2015 be a

H: Harbinger of
A: Abundant
P: Peace,
P: Prosperity and
Y: Youthfulness.

N: Newness coupled with
E: Eternal Happiness
W: Wean away your sorrows.

Y: Your life is filled with
E: Enormous
A: Ambition that makes you 
R: Rich and righteous!


Joyous January - Fabulous February
Magical March - Adorable April
Magnificent May - Jolly June
Jubilant July - Awesome August
Scintillating September - Outstanding October
Naughty November and Dazzling December
This is how I sincerely wish your New Year to be!
Happy New Year!


May your days be as glittery as Diamonds;
May your companions be as good as Gold;
May your heart stay as green as Emerald;
Ánd may your soul remain as pure as Pearl.
Happy New Year!


In the New Year, may you:
Make new friends and retain the old;
Build new memories and cherish the old;
Acquire new knowledge and use the old;
Make new investments and build the old;
Go to new places and not forget the old.
Have a beautiful New Year!


This New Year I wish that:
Fate never takes you for a bumpy ride;
Cupid strikes you with his sweetest arrow;
Lady Luck bestows upon you health and wealth;
Your Guardian Angel keeps your mind alert and bright.
Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!


In your life, may there always be:
Love and laughter in the air;
Someone wonderful to pair;
Warm kisses and life to share;
And you're always in top gear.
Happy New Year!


May the New Year transform your:
Your tears into joy
Your plans into action
Your dreams into reality
Your savings into assets
Your love into togetherness
And your milestones into destinations!
A very Happy New Year!


May your hair, your teeth, your face lift, your Abs and your stocks never fall;
And may your Blood Pressure, your Cholesterol, your White Blood Count and your Mortgage interest never rise.
Happy and healthy new year!


My goal for 2015 is to accomplish the goals of 2014 which I should have done in 2013 because I promised them in 2012 and planed in 2011.
Happy 2015!


My Top 5 New Year RESOLUTIONS:
640×360 pixels
960×540 pixels
1280×720 pixels
1920×1080 pixels
2560×1440 pixels
Happy New Year!

Hindi New year SMS :

Jaan hai - JANUARY
Pyaar hai - FEBRUARY
Mast hai - MARCH
Aasha hai - APRIL
Milan hai - MAY
Judaai hai - JUNE
Jakhm hai - JULY
Ashiqui hai - AUGUST
Sitam hai - SEPTEMBER
Nagme hai - NOVEMBER
Deedar ha i- DECEMBER
Meri Jaan ko - Happy New Year!


It's New Year and time do something for our health. So please join me in taking this pledge:
1. I will walk to the pub (Exercise)
2. I will put Lime in my Vodka (Vitamin C)
3. I will have vegetables in my Bloody Mary (Veggies)
4. I will drink out on the patio (Fresh Air)
5. I will tell raunchy jokes and laugh(Eliminate Stress)
6. I will pass out (Rest)!


For the Pessimists:

Last year is dead. Let's give it a decent burial by standing in silence for 2 minutes and switching off all lights at the strike of 12 midnight on 31st.

For the Optimists:

A new year is dawning. Let's celebrate it and welcome it by dancing and partying all night on New Year Eve!


I wish you:

N: New beginnings
E: Eternal bliss
W: Wallow in Wealth

Y: Yields of magnitude
E: Enormous happiness
A: Amazing times
R: Rendezvous at all times

Happy New Year!


Inner peace
Sound health
Increased income
Eternal Happiness
Good social status
Cordial family life
A lot of foreign travel
These are a few things I wish for you and your family.
Happy New Year!


Thanks to those:
Who hated me, they made me a stronger person;
Who loved me, they made my heart bigger;
Who were worried about me, they let me know that they actually cared.
Who left me, they made me realize that nothing lasts forever.
Wish you a fabulous New Year filled with peace, prosperity and happiness!


Calendar of Love:
January = Rose
February = Propose
March = Gift
April = Lift
May = Chat
June = Date
July = Miss
August = Kiss
September = Marriage
October = Broke up
November = Rest
December = Next
Have a nice year ahead!

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