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Monday, 10 November 2014

These are the Most Popular Internet Cats

There are two ways cat people waste their time on the internet: checking social networks/e-mails or watching cat videos. If you aren’t a big cat fan, then you probably have never heard of any of these fellows bellow, although it’s hard to believe because they are equally famous as Justin Bieber or Angelina Jollie.

Names like Grumpy Cat, Maru or Lil Bub are practically everywhere in the Internet and if you happen to have an Instagram account you have seen at least one picture of them. How have they become so popular? Do they do anything special? Well, they are just being cats and that is pretty much enough. This list contains the cute and adorable faces of some of the most famous Internet cats.

1 Grumpy Cat
The one and only, the cat with grumpy face that seems like she hates the world and anyone who would like to bring joy in it cat life. This cat was born on April 4, 2012 and its real name is Tardar Sauce. If you strongly believed that it was a male cat, it’s not; it is a female cat and an Internet celebrity known for her unique and not so happy facial expression. Her owner Tabatha Bundesen says that her permanently grumpy-looking face is due to feline dwarfism. She shot to Internet stardom in 2013 after her picture was uploaded on Reddit. The rest is a history. Grumpy Cat took over every aspect of Internet, made it to T-shirt prints and even a few television shows.

2 Maru
This little guy, whose name in Japanese means round or circle, simply adores boxes. No matter how big or small the box is he will try his best to fit in. His owner has a channel on YouTube with videos of Maru trying to jump in and fit in a box. For a 7 year old cat (born on May 24, 2007) Maru is very popular and his videos have over 200 million views. So, all he had to do was jump in a box or a bin. Good job Maru.

3 Snoopy the Cat
If you can resist this adorable little furry face you are not a human being. She is an Exotic Shorthair cat who loves posing for the camera and her owner is kind enough to share her pictures with the Internet. She doesn’t have a special talent, but she is a chubby kitty with extra large eyes that would melt your heart and make you play with her. Just look at her.

4 Lil Bub
You have seen the photos of the cat with a tongue that sticks out of its mouth. Well, that cat is called Lil Bub. The cat, born on June 21, 2011, is an American pet and Internet celebrity known for her “perma-kitten” appearance. Her photos were first posted to Tumblr and Reddit and that’s how her popularity rose to insane levels. She was born with several genetic mutations which accounts for her tongue permanently sticking out. She was also diagnosed with a rare bone disorder, osteopetrosis. Her cute appearance even caused a fan to remark that “Lil Bub is an angel sent down by Heaven”. Do you like this little one?

5 Hamilton, the Hipster Cat
Okay, this one is absolutely special and would make every hipster jealous of that white moustache print. Believe it or not, Hamilton is a rescue kitty that was born on the 4th of July (although his owners aren’t sure on that fact). His white moustache makes him look like a dandy sir and that mark surely brought him world fame. Hamilton has his own Instagram account with over one hundredth thousand followers. Some fans of this cat compare his moustache with the ones Salvador Dali had.

6 Street cat Bob
His owner is a street musician who adopted Bob back in 2007 when they were both in a bad time in their lives. Their story is told in the book A Street Cat Named Bob. He is well known for giving great high-fives, which he has perfected over the years. According to Bob’s owner, his other trick is that he’s “the ultimate escape artist.” If he wants to get outside for some air, he will find a way.
Oh, and he wears a scarf.

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