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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

12 Things Every Person Who Loves Babies Will Relate To

Babies are like the quarter bottles of one human bottle. Okay weird example, but hey! They are a bundle of joy packed in a tiny cute fluffy soft body. Their cute smiles and adorable expressions can totally make your heart melt and bring life to your day. Their innocence is out of the world and love from them is experienced in its purest form.

Here are the things all the baby lovers will definitely relate to.

1. You start playing with any random baby you come across on streets or in public transport

They are just so adorable and irresistible, that you can’t stop yourself from playing with them.

2. When you check out baby clothes you just go like Aaww…

Those tiny mittens and baby suits are extraordinarily beautiful.

3. You are popular amongst babies in your vicinity

You always love to play with them and shower them with chocolates and other fancy treats.

4. Babies are automatically attracted towards you

You have that charm in you that babies don’t fear to be around you and enjoy a lot in your company.

5. You enjoy watching films based on babies and love Johnson baby commercials

Those cute babies can keep you glued to your TV set all day.

6. You make genuine efforts to understand baby language and it hurts to see them cry

Their efforts to speak in baby language is flattering, and it kills to watch a baby cry.

7. You read up online about baby facts and stuff related to babies just for no reason

You just want to be up to date with your baby knowledge.

8. When you see a chubby baby you just want to squeeze them and kiss them

Sometimes also bite them. Well, cuteness leads to aggression.

9. You have all the patience to feed them

It’s not much of a task for you to feed them and you absolutely love watching them eat.

10. You make for the perfect baby sitter and that is your favorite hobby

You get to spend time with babies and also get paid for that. Now how cool is that?

11. You love clicking photos with babies and setting it as your wallpaper or display picture

Cuz there is nothing more adorable than a baby smile.

12. You just smile and wonder how much there is to learn from their innocence

Pure love, absolute trust and genuine smile.

Learn to live life like all those adorable babies. Life is in its pure sense when you get curious, love unconditionally, trust blindly and laugh with all your heart

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