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Saturday, 4 October 2014

7 Most Essential Healthcare Apps For Your Smartphone

7 Most Essential Healthcare Apps For Your Smartphone

Healthcare is an ever-advancing field. Taking a page from modern technology, the ability to evaluate health problems is becoming more accessible. Today, it is possible to look up your smaller ailments and learn how to properly care for yourself through websites and apps. While it is still important to visit a qualified professional for health problems and continue to receive annual checkups, these apps are helpful for minor health inquiries. Let us discuss about the most essential healthcare apps.

1. Everyday First Aid LITE
Everyday First Aid LITE is an easy-to-use app that helps users find answers to any medical questions. In a more serious situation, it can be a helpful way to know how to administer first aid in a crisis. There are sections on how to properly perform CPR, what to do if someone is choking, and how to help someone get the medical attention they need when facing an allergic reaction. The best thing about this app is that it can be used even if you don’t have Internet connection, so it’s always there in an emergency. The app regularly updates so the information is accurate.

2. MedHelper
Does it seem that someone in the family always has a doctor or dental appointment to keep track of? MedHelper’s goal is to make sure you never miss an appointment again. It helps users stay on top of their appointments, and sends reminders so you won’t be late. It also tracks which prescriptions need to be picked up or refilled. It conveniently organizes treatment information reminding users to take their medication on time.

3. Healthcare BlueBook
Having a BlueBook is always helpful, especially when it comes to pricey medical procedures. The Healthcare BlueBook app helps you figure out the true costs of different medical and dental procedures. It shows you what everything should cost and offers you a way to search for fairly priced health services in the neighborhood. For those practices you’re not sure about, the app lets you print a price estimate agreement so the health care providers will be held to their word.

4. PokitDok
Everyone has been there before; you found the perfect doctor for you and your family, you visit their practice for a while and enjoy the fair price. Then suddenly, they retire or move to a different town and you’re left trying to find a new doctor. PokitDok is an app designed to help you find the best local health care provider for your needs. It lists them based on prices and reviews, and patients can ask for a quote from any of the doctors before visiting their office.

5. HealthKeep
HealthKeep offers access to an anonymous and personalized patient-to-patient network. From the app, users can post about their experiences with certain medical experts. It is similar to popular web forums, but the format is more of a live stream, news-feed style that updates in real-time.

6. ZocDoc
Hate calling in to schedule a doctor’s appointment? Maybe you just don’t have the time to fuss with those details. Either way, ZocDoc allows you to book your appointments by entering details like zip code and insurance information. You can also look through the ratings of local health care providers and decide from there.

7. WebMD Mobile
WebMD is one of the most visited healthcare websites. The app makes browsing the site’s resources even easier, offering you access to the site’s Symptom Checker to investigate on the go. It also gives you information about drugs and treatments for your symptoms and a way to find the type of health care provider you need in your area. It also offers access to emergency healthcare information and guides to help in situations related to CPR or allergic reactions. While it’s no substitute for proper medical care, it is a great way to learn what to do in an emergency.

These apps are sure to make answering your medical inquiries easier. They should never be a replacement for proper medical care, so check out the students attending UIC Online and give them some real world experience in medical treatment.

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