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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Some Interesting Pictures

Some Interesting Pictures

Incredible Photos You May Not Have Seen Before

1. Path-Laying Machine

2. The Internal Mechanism of a Watch by Patek Philippe, Considered the Finest Watchmaker in the World

3. Sunset and Eclipse Happening at the Same Time

4. Algodones Sand Dunes Curvy Border Fence in Southern California

5. Perfect Cubes of Pyrite Formed by Mother Nature

6. Melted Glass in a Fire Damaged Building

7. World's Deepest Swimming Pool - 113 Ft. Deep and Holding 600,000 Gallons

8. A Turtle Riding a Jellyfish

9. A Child's Skull Before Losing Baby Teeth

Intricate Colored Pencil Drawing of a Wave

This Eggshell Has More Than 20,000 Holes Drilled in It

Cool Idea for a Bridge

Fireworks, When the Camera Refocuses During the Explosion

Lenticular 'UFO' Cloud

Loaf of Art. Each Color Was Layered to Form the Picture. Apparently Each Slice Sold for $5000.

There Are 1 Million Different Colors in This Picture

Hitler Had to Cut His Moustache to Fit Into a Gas Mask. This Is How He Looked Before

Bismuth Is a Chemical Element With An Amazing Iridescent Oxide Surface

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