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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

10 of the Most Unusual Animal Friendships that will Melt your Heart!

10 of the Most Unusual Animal Friendships that will Melt your Heart!

1. Bubbles the African Elephant and Bella the Black Labrador

Bubbles the elephant was brought to this safari reserve in the United States after she was rescued from ivory poachers in Africa. Bella the black labrador, made a home for herself in the same reserve after being left by a contractor for the park. The two somehow became inseparable and Bella even uses Bubbles as a diving board! 

2. Bea the Giraffe and Wilma the Ostrich

Bea and Wilma (even their names are too darn cute) are the best of friends. They met while at Busch Gardens in the USA. What's especially adorable is that they both live in a huge enclosure which means that they choose to be this close to spend time together. 

3. Tinni the Dog and Sniffer the Wild Fox

The relationship between Tinni and Sniffer have completely changed Torgeir Berge's outlook on Norway's fur trade and that no animal should live with the fear of getting killed for their fur or tusks. 

4. Torque the Dog and Shrek the Owl

Shrek the owl was only six months old when Torque took him under his paw (get it?) They've been best friends ever since. 

5. Fred the Labrador and Dennis the Duckling

Dennis the duckling's mother was mauled by a fox and killed and had no one to take care of him until Fred came along with his owner Jeremy. Since his rescue they've been inseparable! This isn't the first unusual friend for Fred, he once adopted and took care of a fawn! 

6. Mable the Chicken and the Puppies

After injuring her foot, Mable decided to foster her owner's puppies while their mom is out in the yard! 

7. Milo the Dog and Bonedigger the Lion

Meet Milo and Bonedigger, both represent their names really well. One is cute and small while the other is scary and big. The lion was suffering from a metabolic bone disease that caused him to be disabled, so Milo took it upon himself to watch over him. They've been best friends for five years and Bonedigger is even good pals with two other dachshund's, Bullet and Angel

8. Cat and the Fox

These friends were found cuddling and playing in the wild. No one knows much about them considering they're living in the wild but they've been spotted together in Turkey. How cute!

9. Shere Khan, Baloo and Leo

Shere Khan the majestic tiger, Baloo the black bear and Leo the lion are the three best friends that anyone could have. Their story is a touching one: they all had been living together prior to this in the hands of an abusive drug dealer. Baloo even had to get surgery to remove a harness that was so tight and constantly on that it grew into his skin. Because of their past, they are now inseparable and love each other to bits. They're currently being taken care of by Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in the US. 

10.Kasi the Cheetah and Mtani the Labrador

Kasi and Mtani were raised as cub and puppy side by side. They were attached by the hip for the longest time but as Kasi started maturing, he started being more interested in female cheetahs. They still visit each other often even though their bond isn't as strong. 

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