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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Most Amazing Facts about computers and IT Field.

Most Amazing Facts about computers and IT Field.

1. A byte means 8 bits and a nibblemeans 4 bits.
2. First harddisk available was of 5MB.
3. Ethernet is the registered trademark 0f Xerox.
4. google uses over 10000
network computers to crawl the web.
5. Google can be queried in 26 languages.
6. The floopy disk was
patented byallen shugart in 1946.
7. More than 80% of web
pages are in english.
8. 88% percent web pages
have very low traffic rate.
9. An average american is
dependent on 250 computers.
10. Internet is most fastest growing platform for advertisement.

11. About one third of CDs are pirated.
12. About 76% softwares used in india are pirated.
13. Only 10% of the webpages areused by the search engines.
14. "I am feeling Lucky" This button is used by negligibal no of people on net.
15. Bill gates & Paul Allen started a company called Traf-O-Data to monitor traffic flow.

16. The four largest software makers in the world are:
(a) Microsoft (b) Adobe (c) Sap (d) Computer Associates.

17. Top Ten Supercomputers of Today's Generation Arranged according to the speed:
1. Bluegene/ L DD2 Beta-
system (IBM).
2. Columbia (NASA).
3. Earth Simulator (NEC).
4. MareNostrum(Bar celona Supercomputer Center).
5. Thunder (Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory).
6. ASCI Q (Los Alamos National Laboratory).
7. System X(Virgina Tech).
8. Blugene/L DD1 Prototype (IBM).
9. eServer pSeries 655 cluster (Naval Oceanographic Office).
10. Tungsten(National Center For Supercomputing Applications)

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