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Friday, 14 March 2014

Learn How To Make Symbols With Your Keyboard

By making use of two or three computer keys and combining them with yet another as well as typing in several characters, the computer will be able to execute accents marks, symbols not forgetting various other special characters with much ease. Currency symbols, punctuation as well as mathematical symbols that are not predominant on the computer keyboard have been shoved away in special keyboard shortcuts. It so happens that keyboard shortcuts exists for the common symbols as well as for marks and characters that are not used as often as the ones present. In essence, there is no need to continue wasting time and energy pulling down menus and doing trial and error tests when guides have been set up to help you the computer user access quality keyboard shortcuts. It’s also worth noting that at times, the shortcut commands differ when you are typing in a word processing document as opposed to typing on an online page. Further, commands at times vary based on the operating system that is in use. There are different commands for Mac O.S and Window O.S. The various other combinations of keys generate the needed symbol in HTML mode sourced from the web.

 Mathematics Symbols - Symbols that are popularly used in arithmetic such as the square root sign, fractions can be executed with ease using keyboard shortcuts. Case in point, the Pi symbol on the windows document platform appears only if you hold down the ALT key and type the letters 0227. On a Mac PC however, the Pi appears if you simply hold down the Option key and pressing the letter P. If on the other hand you have gone back into the back office and are working in HTML the keyboard shortcut for Pi is either (? or ?.) If you are searching for currency symbols such as the sterling pound hold down the ALT key and type in the letters 0163. Select the third option.

 Accent Marks and Related Symbol Characters - These are often employed if and when the writer is creating text in another language other than the English language. Case in point only a single combination of keys is able to execute the tilde that is commonly used in Spanish. Various other shortcuts will elicit acute accents or grave accents, umlaut over vowels or a circumflex. Many other common symbols, characters, symbols and punctuation that can only be executed through using shortcuts on the keyboard include. Copyright and trademarks symbols, paragraph symbols, bullets, en-dashes and em-dashes and many other symbols as you can see from the caption.

NB: Memorizing symbols shortcuts and characters you use mostly or having with you a web-based guide on the go will save you much hassle and frustrations.

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