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Sunday, 26 January 2014

12 Amazing Optical Illusions That'll Shock You!

12 Amazing Optical Illusions That'll Shock You!

Optical illusions are really something to confuse our brains, but they also train the brain as well. Sometimes you really need to focus to figure out what it is you are seeing and sometimes it's better to take a step back and just not think about it at all! That's the great thing about optical illusions. Some can see it, while others can't. 

Check out these 12 amazing optical illusions below. Some of them are pretty shocking once you figure it out!

1. It's the "Face of Paris."

2. What did you see first? The faces or the cup?

3. Sad faces in the cliffside.

4. Stairway to the ocean floor.

5. The angle the boy and man's face makes it look like a man with a little boy body! Funny when pictures turn out like that

6. A two headed zebra?

7. A dog headed lady! Perfect timed shot :)

8. He seems very impressed haha

9. This may look like a fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar at first, but it's actually a bunch of birds perched very closely together!

10. Can you see the camel in the palm trees?

11. A really big skateboard? Or a really small car?

12. Amazing how this tree grew to look like a lady dancing!

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