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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hacker VS Programmer

Hacker VS Programmer

1. A hacker beats the system.
A programmer maintains the system.
2. A hacker is trying to get in.
A programmer is trying to stop things getting in.
3. A hacker does things because he believes in them.
A programmer does what he is supposed to.
4. A hacker changes the way things are.
A programmer tries to keep the status quo.
5. A hacker is agile.
A programmer is a small cog in a big slow machine.
6. A hacker has many points of attack.
A programmer has one job.
7. A hacker has to be fast.
A programmer doesn’t.
8. A hacker is self-reliant.
A programmer relies on others.
9. A hacker finds paths that don’t exist.
A programmer guards the old ones that already do.
10. A hacker is about being interesting.
A programmer is about being perfect.

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