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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mom Turns Her Sleeping Baby Into Artistic Masterpieces!

Mom Turns Her Sleeping Baby Into Artistic Masterpieces :

Baby Wengenn

This is baby Wengenn. When he's asleep, he has magical adventures. He may just be the world's busiest napping baby. He's certainly a definitive answer to the question "is there anything cuter than a sleeping baby?" The answer is yes: a sleeping baby that's gathering stars in the land of dreams.

Artist Queenie Liao is the photographer, she shared this series with Business Insider.

 How Does He Do It?

Believe it or not, Baby Wengenn doesn't create these adventures on his own. Like all babies, he needs a little help. For Baby Wengenn, that help comes in the form of his mother, Queenie Liao. We all owe her a little "thank you" for these adorable windows into Baby Wengenn's dream world.

While He Sleeps

It may look like Baby Wengenn is flying, but there's no need to worry about his safety. He's really safe at home. In fact, he's safely nestled on the floor. Liao creates the scenery around him. Then she takes pictures from above. When seen head on, they give the illusion that Baby Wengenn is in a fantasy world.

Super Mom

Baby Wengenn's super mom deserves a little recognition. Most moms use baby's nap time as a chance to sleep themselves. After all, taking care of a baby can be exhausting. But instead of dozing, Liao takes beautiful pictures of Baby Wengenn. Luckily those sleepless afternoons look worth it.

What Dreams May Come

Where does Liao get the ideas for Baby Wengenn's photos? She says that sometimes she tries to imagine what he is dreaming. When she has an idea, she finds or makes items to depict the background for it. It's one of the most beautiful ways we know of to wish a baby "sweet dreams".

 Happiness Grows Here

Baby Wengenn is growing in what may be the cutest garden in the world. And it's all made with things around the house. The sun is a simple scarf. The flowers are made of socks, mops and pillows. A yellow sheet makes a bright, sunny day. Perhaps the most amazing thing about these photos is that they are crafted so simply.

Talented Photographer

There are lots of sleeping baby photos floating around the web. But Liao's photos of Baby Wengenn are some of the best. That's because Liao was already an avid photographer before the series started. Once she had her baby, she knew exactly what her next project would be.

Credit to Original photographers mentioned above & Source : Facebook

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