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Monday, 23 September 2013

Tips And Tricks For Apple’s iOS7

It isn't everyday that you get to unwrap a gift and unravel it in its full glory like an ecstatic kid. And, it just so seems that Apple's new iOS, the iOS 7 is doing that perfectly well for the Apple loyalists. The iOS 7 arrived a year after the inception of its predecessor, and it packs in a ****ed-out look, feel and functionality, bringing in a breath of fresh air and giving the much-needed overhaul for the iOS. Apple desperately needed a new brain to deal with the brawn it has to offer, and iOS 7 does the job effortlessly. The OS might take few hours to download and you may have to take a break from all those WhatsApp messages, but trust us, it's worth it. And, while you're at it, here are few tips and tricks that will help you figure out some quirky little nitty gritties of the spanking new iOS 7.

1.New Toggle Access

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We bet you all have been waiting for this feature since Android came into being, and Apple has finally embraced its ergonomic usage and embedded it right into the heart of iOS 7. iOS 7 allows you to finally swipe your screen from top to bottom that displays a set of highly useful options like Bluetooth control, WiFi , Airplane mode, brightness controls among various other things. Time to admonish the cumbersome task of going all the way till settings to change few things!

2.Swipe To Close Safari Tabs

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Usually, it is a pain to close tabs in Safari. It requires you to pause, take a deep breath, and proceed the tap the tiny little 'X' snuggled in a corner to achieve this feat. Thankfully, iOS 7 offers a better alternative. With its all new 3D interface, the tabs are displayed one under another, and to close any one of those, all you need to do is swipe them towards the left and your job is done!

3.Display Message Timings

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Let's admit it, we have all gone through some horribly long conversations with our loved ones when it came to messages and their timings. People have thrown tantrums at each others, and you lucky few have also seen iPhones flying right at you because of it. We bet somebody at Apple faced a similar ordeal because this time around Apple has been generous enough to give us message details. All you are required to do is hold the message and swipe it to the left and you will get all the information you need about a message.

4.Blocking Phone Numbers

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Probably one of the most annoying thing one goes through are the incessant phone calls from some shady Insurance agent or about someone giving you a free holiday package. Two pro-tips; One, do not accept any of those, unless you want to end up in Namibia with no cash. Two, download the iOS 7 and you will be saved from the headache of all this. iOS 7 allows you to block numbers from calling, messaging, or Facetiming you. For that, you need to head to Phone, Messages, or Facetime, in Settings and click on Blocked. Feel free to block these persistent extortionists or your equally persistent ex-girlfriend. Thank us later.

5.Shutting Down Apps

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Apple has not only taken a leaf from Google's cookbook but has intently read it from cover to cover as well. Android has a quick fix to close an app. One click of a button and it showed to all the apps that are currently working and with a single swipe you get to shut them down. Apple's iOS7 does something similar. Double tap the home button and it shows you neatly aligned apps that are functioning in the background. Hold them and swipe them up to shut them down. It's as simple as that!

1. Breaking down Command Center. Swiping from the bottom of the touchscreen up brings up one of iOS 7's big features. Along the top are five settings options: Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb and Orientation Lock. Users flip between turning these on and off with simple taps on the preferred icon.
The middle is where users control the phone's brightness and music. Four native apps appear along the bottom: a new flashlight, calculator, clock and the camera. It's also accessible while the phone is locked.
2. Shutting down apps. Normally, if users want to close out apps, they double tap the home button and pick the apps they want to close. In iOS 7, after the double tap, apps now appear as a series of screens users scroll left to right (similar to how mobile Safari might organize multiple pages). To close apps, users simply swipe up.
3. Performing a phone search. Instead of scrolling completely to the left to search for content on your phone, it's accessible through a swipe similar to viewing notifications. While users would place their thumb at the very top of the screen and swipe down, users swipe down anywhere on the screen to bring up a Search field.
4. Folders get bigger. Say farewell to limits on the number of apps users can keep in a single folder. Each one will now hold as many apps as you choose.
5. Using the camera. There are more options right in front of you, like High Dynamic Range and Panorama. There's also a new Square option and native filters, a nod to Instagram fans. Photos are organized a bit differently, too. There's the standard albums, but when you tap the Photos icon at the bottom left, you can view images as "collections" sorted by date.
6. Blocking numbers. Let's say a user gets phone calls or messages from a number they don't want. There's now an option to block callers. You can do this with contacts, or numbers found in the Recents menu. Click the info button on the right and scroll down to Block. The feature will block any phone calls, messages or FaceTime chats from that contact.
7. Apps are changing, too. Most notable is mobile browser Safari, which gets major upgrade with new design and Shared Links fed through Twitter and available through the Bookmarks tab. Music adds iTunes Radio, which features a variety of free radio stations for users to peruse, similar to Pandora. Since it's linked to iTunes, you can directly buy music from a station, too.

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