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Monday, 15 April 2013

How women withdraw cash from ATM

How men withdraw cash from ATM :-
1- Park the car
2-Go to ATM
3-Insert card
4-Enter PIN
5-Take Money
6-Drive away

How women withdraw cash from ATM:-
1-Park the car
2-Check make up
3-Turn off engine
4-Check make up
5-Go to ATM
6-Hunt for ATM card in purse
7-Insert card
8-Hunt for small chit in the purse where then PIN number is written
9-Hit cancel
10-Insert card again
11-Enter pin
12-Take cash
13-Go to car
14-Check make up
15-Start car
16-Stop car
17-Run back to ATM
18-Take the ATM card
19-Back to car
20-Check make up
21-Start car
22-Drive for a mile
23-OOPS ! Release handbrake !!
#:-s #:-s =D

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