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Saturday, 30 March 2013

One of the best Message ever

One of the best Message ever :
95 days after my birth,
I knew who is my mother..

90 days after my first syllable,
I knew wHat words are..

30 mins after my loved one left me,
I knew what tears are..

25 feet off the ground over the cliff,
I knew what is it to be alive..

20 days after my Dear ones death,
I knew that life must go on..

1 week after my Friend left me,
I came to know how does it feel to b alone..

Every single fraction of time no matter however u divide,
teaches u something..

Experience is the only way 2 get through this life.

Feel it.
Live it.
Face it...
Love the people unconditionally..

Because in your next life you Wont meet Them...

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