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Saturday, 23 March 2013

15 New Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S4

15 New Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S4

A few days ago Samsung unveiled their brand new flagship handset, the Galaxy S4. It’s got some great new features, many of them software based, although it does have a larger screen and a faster processor. Here are 15 reasons why you should go and buy one when it’s released at the end of April:

Air Gesture – to make the music change, answer a call or even surf the internet, all you have to do is wave your hand. Add Air View in and you can make pictures bigger, dial a number on speed dial or get a preview of a movie, without having to touch the screen.

Smart Pause – need to stop the movie you are watching for a second? Just look away from the screen and it will pause, look back and it will start again.

HomeSync - with a massive 1TB of storage on your own cloud you can keep all of your media together for easy access.

Photos with sound – Take photos and record the sound at the same time for a better experience. Makes it easy to create a living album.

Drama Shot – Allows you take loads of photographs of objects that are moving and combines them into a single picture.

Dual Shot – Use both the front and rear cameras at the same time and include yourself in every photo.

Automatic Scroll – No more swiping to scroll up or down the screen, just tilt the device and watch it roll.

Keep your gloves on – finally, a screen that you can use even when it’s cold. Works with all kinds of gloves.

Adaptive Audio – Audio is automatically adjusted to take into account your hearing and the music to give you an all-round balanced sound.

WatchOn – turns your phone into a TV remote control.

S Voice Drive – incorporates a driving menu s you can make and take calls and send text messages without taking your hands off the wheel.

S Translator – lets you talk to the phone and get it translated into your chosen language, handy if you are on holiday.

Group Play – Connect up to 8 separate S4 devices together to create a sound and gaming experience second to none.

Wireless Charging – requires a charging pad but you need never worry about having your charging cable to hand again.

S Health – allows you to add accessories to monitor your heart rate, record the amount of steps you take and count calories, etc.

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